How to Stop Saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know” | How To Stop Saying You Know

However, when you listen to the recording of your interview along with the employee. You may have noticed this several times that you are using words like um, ah or you know. Moreover, it is not just the weird sound of your voice when it originates from outside your head. Well these two words um or ah indicates that you are not confident related to that particular thing or a particular topic. So it is very essential for you to learn about How to Stop Saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know”. 

How to Stop Saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know”:

Get the help of an “uh” counter:

There are various clubs who are devoted towards improving the speaking skills of the public. However, these every sessions appoint as the “ah counter”. They are the tallies speakers use of the words such as “uh,” “um,” “like,” and “you know” in each speech. However, you can also try to give an extemporaneous speech a few minutes long to a friend. As well as you must try to not use these words.

Record yourself:

You must also record your voice as well as an audio. This can be the non-obtrusive way to check out any speech you deliver. However, through this you can also see the expressions on your face as well. You can also learn how many of the times you have used these words and try to improve yourself.

Do your homework:

There are various experts who claims that the if you practice several times it reduces the amount of fillers in your speech. Through this you can increase the cognitive strain, making it more likely that you’ll fall behind. Moreover, this includes not only familiarizing yourself with the material, but practicing a big speech.

Pause, think, answer:

However, sometimes while speaking or giving any speech when you pause. Then don’t just start to babble again. Like um, ah. Instead of this take a pause think and then start giving answers. Moreover, when you use this kinds of the filters it sounds like that you are not confident. So you must realize best way to avoid this.