How to Know AO Code for Pan Application | Elements of an AO Code

If you are worried about How to Know AO Code for Pan Application, then don’t panic about this topic. Because here we mentioned all the details about this topic. If you are interested in this topic How to Know AO Code for Pan Application, then read this article to know more about this topic. Follow all the given steps and know about the AO code for pan application.

How to Know AO Code for Pan Application:

This article is only for those peoples who are applied for the new Pan Card. This is the part of the application that takes them to enter an AO code. The abbreviation AO stands for Assessing Officer and is meant to identify the jurisdiction that the applicant will fall under. The importance of the AO code and determining the jurisdiction can be linked directly to the taxation since these codes tell the appropriate authorities what tax laws apply to a person. If the person who are living in the India then they have to pay the tax. All the tax paying persons are compulsory to the have the Pan Card. Without the Pan card any of the tax parson can not pay the tax.

Elements of an AO Code:

Area Code: To identify the purpose of the geographic location of the individuals or company. In an AO code there are 3 letters using for their area is assigned a code.

AO Type: AO code is mostly using in the tax department for the identify the type of PAN card holder. As an individuals or company or even a service personal or a person who is a not a resident in India.

Range Type: This is based on that type to the actual address of the PAN Card holder. They are also assigned a Range Type which helps to identify the ward or circle that they are live on that address which they mentioned on their Pan Card.

AO Number : The AO numerical value is published by the NSDL and is the last part of the AO code. This is the last process of the AO code.