How To Backup Whatsapp | How To Backup Whatsapp Iphone

How To Backup Whatsapp

However, various Whatsapp users are facing various kinds of the problems. Such as they might loose chat data when switching on the new smartphone. Moreover it provides its users an option to back up their chat on Google Drive. So here in this article we will discuss about How To Backup Whatsapp? As due to this one can easily get the backup for the Whatsapp.

However, it always allows you not only the facility of the backup text but also  multimedia such as images, videos and GIFs. Moreover, if you are planning in order to follow the process then you must ensure about you’re connected to WiFi. As it is very essential to make sure the back up as well as restore the process even more faster. Moreover, as your backup file consist a lot of the multimedia programs. Then you may end up spending mobile data. It is also an advantage to have a enough mobile data or are in good network area.

How To Backup Whatsapp?

It is one of the simplest form as well as best cross-platform messaging apps. As this provides you to communicate with other as well as you can even  send data over an existing network connection.

How To Backup Whatsapp

In order to prevent the data loss one must backup Whatsapp data. Hence, we will provide you the various ways through which you can easily get the backing up your Whatsapp messages on your smartphones. You must carefully go through the methods.

Step 1:

In order to get Whatsapp backup first launch the program and then your IOS device to your PC computer with a USB cable. Then click on “Backup&Restore”. For backup select “Backup Whatsapp messages” from the below window.

Step 2:

Once your IOS is recognized just click on the “Backup” to begin the Whatsapp backup process.

Step 3 :

When the process is being finished. Select the backup file that you want to view. Also look if there are more than one backup file listed. Then you cans see details in the window. Choose hat you like to backup and export them to your IOS device or PC computer.