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How To Baby Born

During the end of the third semester your body will start to show signs that it is the time for the delivery and labor. Be confident at that time. As well as prepare yourself  for labor and delivery. So here in this article we will discuss about How To Baby Born?

How To Baby Born?

Don’t Freak Out:

However, during this time every women must do this that everyday squatting in a field somewhere. Even if you are alone then to don’t lose. Moreover, if you think that it is the time to deliver the baby then call for someone to help. As it is impossible to deliver the baby alone. So call for someone.

Get Prepared and Take Mom’s Lead:

So now you need to get prepare and cover yourself. The most important thing is that you must feel comfortable. However, if you wants to squat, lie down, sit in a chair, let her do it. If she doesn’t care, the best spot is probably is floor because you can’t fall off the floor if you’re a slippery baby.

How To Baby Born

Get Ready to Catch:

However, if you are catching. So when you see head don’t do pulling. Let it be free slow and steady. Simply cup the baby’s head with your hands and support it as it comes out. Moreover, the baby will turn as it is delivered. Then with clean towel wipe away fluid and membrane from baby’s airway. However, if umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck then don’t worry. This is to keep the baby head close to the mother also don’t worry about to cut it.

Catch the Rest:

Now baby shoulder will come. Babies are slippery to have a towel/coat/t-shirt/ to catch the baby. The blood also comes out with it don’t worry about it. Once the weeble is out. Dry them to get breathing. Keep them both warm with dry towels. Don’t slap the baby on the bum.


The Placenta is delivered after 10 -15 minutes when baby is delivered. Don’t pull or push it. Wrap it newspaper or towel. However, it is best to leave it intact for a pro because everything you need to cut it should be sterile. Well cut it with a sterilized knife or scissors approximately four inches away from the baby.