How To Auto Forward Emails In Gmail | How To Forward Certain Emails From Gmail

If you are worried about How To Auto Forward Emails In Gmail, then don’t worry about this topic. Because, here we mentioned all the details about this topic. If you are interested in this topic How To Auto Forward Emails In Gmail then you have to read this article for know about this topic. Follow all the given steps and auto forward your Email into Gmail.

How To Forward Certain Emails From Gmail:

An Gmail address is very important thing for using an android phone. Because of the Gmail address and android mobile will start and all the details of you mobile will be automatically saved in your gmail address. If you lost your all contacts in the your mobile phone. Then you can backup your all contact through with the help of gmail address. That’s why the gmail address is very important for all the mobile phone users. You can also forwarding Email to Gmail, then you have to log in your gmail account in your mobile phone or computer.

Set up Forwarding Address:

First of all you need to add the email address if you want to redirect the mail to. Then go to the setting (under the cog icon) > Forwarding and POP / IMAP > Add a forwarding address.

Verify Forwarding Address:

In your gmail address you have to verify the add your forwarding gmail address ( That is the email address and also the email account in that you want to forward email to). Note that, an email will be sent to your account with a verification link to verify you are that who are owner of the gmail address. This process is very important because of the technology, the engineers of the computer can open the gmail address of anyone without the permission of the account owner. And also they take the miss use of the gmail address. You will need to click this before continuing any further.

Set Up An Email Filter:

You can also forward only some of your mail by creating a filter. This will bring up a filter menu you can create a filter to isolate the email you need to forward.