How To Apply Liquid Foundation, Liquid Foundation For All Types Of Skin

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Foundation is the best part of  make up kit.And its give best result of make up. You can pick the right foundation formula and a shade that matches your skin perfectly. First of all, find the right formula for you. Its depending your skin type. If you can choose liquid foundation. And you find that How To Apply Liquid Foundation. So guys for your help we publish this article. In this article,I have try to best tip for apply liquid foundation.

Liquid Foundation For All Types Of Skin

Liquid foundation is the best for all types of skin. If you choose liquid foundation, you can use can be a total game changer. According to make up artist, sponges are better than brushes when it comes to this formulation. The sponge for cream as well as gel foundation. If You use a beauty sponge, Its not only allows you to build coverage,but it also gives you a very natural finish.

Tutorial For Use Liquid Foundation

1. First Of all- Prep Your Face

When you use liquid foundation. First of all prep your skin careful. Wash your face using a best cleanser. You can use a toner and moisturizer well using a lightweight moisturizing lotion or cream. Moisturizer, absorb into your skin.

Prep Your Face

2. Apply Liquid Foundation

If you prep your skin. After then you can use liquid foundation. First of all, take some foundation on the back of your foundation. Then pick little bit of product up with the broader end of your beauty sponge. However start applying, from the center of your face. And blend it out really well.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Thus apply to blend it in smaller areas. Like- under your eyes, under your nose, use the narrow end of the sponge with the same bouncing motion.

3. Set Foundation

Set for foundation, you can use translucent powder or your favorite setting powder and set your foundation with a brush. Then set your foundation, Now that your base is done. Thus you can rest of your make up as usual. You can do your eye make up, Add some blush , or bit of highlighter, and choose lipstick for complete the look.


Here’s the final look.

final look of foundation