How To Apply Eyeliner Correctly | Types of Eyeliner

If you are thinking that How To Apply Eyeliner Correctly, don’t worry about it. Follow the given steps and apply your eyeliner correctly.

How To Apply Eyeliner Correctly:

Before you apply for the eyeliner you have to know about the how to apply the eyeliner. According to the latest trend of make up, that is looking incompletely without the eyeliner.

There are different types of eyeliner are available in the markets. That is depends on you which you choose and which is suits you.

How To Apply Eyeliner Correctly | Types of Eyeliner

Types of Eyeliner:

  • Liquid Eyeliner (brush applicator)


  • Felt-tip eyeliner (also called art liner)

  • Gel or cream eyeliner

  • Kohl Pencil Eyeliner

  • Kajal Eyeliner

  • Regular Pencil Eyeliner

  • Mechanical twist up eyeliner

  • Eyeshadow (used as eyeliner)

Keep Your Lines Tin

Check that your lower eyeliner on the lower lid thin unnoticeable. The mainly risk on the bottom eyeliner is that can create the impression of dark circles. The dark circles, every girl hates that. Keeping your line thin and soft by using the side of theĀ  tip of your pencil. Rather than pressing down, is key for avoiding under eye darkness.

Don’t Line the Inside Rim

Lining the waterlines in black to define the eyes has grown in popularity in the past few years. Not only it will makes your eyes look darker and smaller. Bit in the eyes spread the infection, itchiness, and just run of the mill irritation-make it more unappealing.

Finish With the Bottom Lash

Sweep any color that’s left on your brush onto the lower lid. Just below the lashes. Start at the outer corner of the eye and work the shadow inward toward the middle of the eye. Stopping a less than halfway across the lower lash line.

Look Straight Into Mirror

After lining the upper lashes and make sure the liner is thick. Enough to be visible when your eyes are wide open. If you see any gaps between the liner and your lashline. Go back and fill them in or smudge a dark shadow on top to diffuse any mistake or uneven edges.

To Give Eyes Extra Depth

Make your eye stand out even more, double line the top lashline. Line first with the dark powder shadow applied with a dry eyeliner brush. Then finish a clean, sharp line using a gel liner.