How To Answer Why MBA | Best Answer For Why MBA In Finance

How To Answer Why MBA

An individual person must look before what they want to achieve through MBA. As it is the general management program. However, it is not a specialization even if you choose to take up for the some activities during the process of the second year. There are various benefits as well to do MBA. So here in this article we will discuss about How To Answer Why MBA?

How To Answer Why MBA?

Career Progression:

However, the professional begins with the operational role. For this you need to be result oriented. You may get the promotions as well. However, for this you may have along with you good academic profile as well as decent. Its just not a MBA degree but its an MBA degree. Its recommended very high from a premier business school. Moreover, an MBA from a top school will certainly will help you make a quick transition from a mid-level role to a senior management position. So you can choose this as your career progression.

Career Shift: 

You must take the right step towards your career. Well you must also consider about with your current education, role and experience. That you can switch to any other industry as well as role. However, you can easily take up small marketing projects over the weekends. You must know about the marketing aspects on the internet as well.

How To Answer Why MBA

Moreover, if you have a great experience then it will surely help you to get the high post in the marketing sector. As well as your MBA degree may also help you in many ways. However, the most important reason behind most of the people choosing MBA as their profession is to change career tracks smoothly.


However, if you do MBA from a top business school then you may set you back by about INR 50 Lakhs. At least for the 10 month course. Spending that much of huge amount in order to gain the knowledge. Moreover, in India you may end up spending 20 lakhs for a similar MBA program. Your knowledge will surely help you to build the knowledge that will surely help you in order to progress in your career.