How to Airtel Balance Transfer | What is Airtel Balance Transfer

If you are worried about How to Airtel Balance Transfer, then don’t panic about this topic. Because, here we mentioned all the details about this topic. If you are interested in it How to Airtel Balance Transfer, then read this article for the more details about this topic. Follow all the given steps and recharge you Airtel SIM.

How to Airtel Balance Transfer:

Airtel balance Transfer is that way to send Talk Time balance or Internet Balance to another number with the same network. It is a very simple process which most of the peoples daily because most of the time they have to send the balance to their loved once to get more and more talktime balance.

Most of the new airtel new subscriber are thinking that how to transfer the balance and also the internet balance.

What is Airtel Balance Transfer?:

In that case, if you have the too much balance in your one sim, and you want to transfer your balance in your second sim. Now according to the technology you can transfer your balance in your another sim or number. Thus, if you have to much balance in one of the number number and if you want to send rest of the Airtel balance to the another Airtel number. Through the latest technology all the airtel subscriber can transfer the main balance and as well as also transfer the internet balance. Airtel users can transfer the data package to the other airtel number.

Conditions to Use Airtel Balance Transfer:

  • If you are a airtel user then you can transfer the airtel balance and also the airtel data balance only for in the another airtel number.
  • Airtel balance Transfer can be initiated from Rs. 5 to Rs.40 only once in a time.
  • Only on that case if the airtel number should be 3 months old.
  • Receiver of the airtel number should be an 1 month old.
  • You will be charged for using this service.
  • You can use the service 5 times a Day and 150 times in a one month.

Airtel Balance Transfer Process:

  • Just go to the dial screen and dial the number *141#
  • Share Talktime
  • Take Adv Internet
  • Take Adv Talktime
  • Auto Credit
  • Ask Talktime
  • Poke Call
  • Call me back SMS
  • Account
  • Help
  • You can select the Share Talk Time so type 1 and send your amount.