How to Activate Airtel SIM Prepaid | Data Set Up For The Airtel Subscriber

If you are worried about How to Activate Airtel SIM Prepaid, then don’t worry about this topic. Because here we mentioned all the details about this topic. if you are interested in it, then you have to read this article and follow all the given steps and then activate your Airtel SIM Prepaid.

How to Activate Airtel SIM Prepaid:

Register / Activate your SIM:

  • Remove the SIM Card from the package and insert into your mobile.
  • You will asked to enter a Pin. We have set the PIN number to default 1234. Enter this number and press OK.
  • You can change this PIN at any time from the security setting on your mobile phone.
  • Dial *123# to activate your SIM Card.
  • If you have done this successfully, the handset will show “Airtel” on the screen of your mobile phone.

How to Top Up

  • You can top up online.
  • You can top up using a top up card or through Payzones at most convenience stores.
  • You can also dial 121 from any Airtel – Vodafone handset to top up over the phone.

Check Your Balance and Validity:

Simply dial 123 to hear your account balance and validity period. To display your account balance and validity on your handset, simply dial *123#.

Activate Voicemail on the Airtel SIM:

We have already activated your voicemail so that you will never miss a call. In the case, if you switch off of your phone or divert the calls . Your call are already activated in the voicemail service. It will be help in you by picking up your calls for you. To personalize your voicemail message, listen to left messages and access the advanced voicemail services (a voicemail message is sent to an audio file to your email address  of your choice). You have to simply dial 191 from your handset.

Data Set Up For The Airtel Subscriber:

In the order of the case for your device to access the internet, you have to change the setting of APN in your mobile phone.

Details of the APN setting format:

APN Name: Airtel

APN: airtime

User Name : Leave Bank

Password: Leave Blank

APN Type: Default