food we must have in our plate

By | November 4, 2018

food we must have in our plate

We all know some places we do not want to miss at any cost. if we are foodie by choice we would love to go again and Have to pinch the same taste. Our taste buds would be curious to have the same or better taste. this earth planet is The full of different kind of foods. they are enough to give our stomach a treat. once i had not had food like for whole Day and in the i was too tired to go and eat out side so i decided to order something at home. first of all i want to tell You that i am a pizza freak. like i love pizza more than anything else. obviously i ordered some pizza just to eat it. but I had no idea it will be really tasty. it was indeed and i loved the way it was. my tiredness were gone and i was like full of yum inside.

All the people around would not like to have the same food. this is why we have lot kind of restaurants out there. we go and explore the things and every person with different taste we fine different choice we see. someone would love to eat fast food some would love to eat traditional and some would love to eat Etalian.

sometimes we like to eat according to weather and things happening around. if the weather is very cold out side we dafinately would love to eat something hot.

We would perfectly eat some hot soups and hot things depends what probability we have to get those stuff. people would love to eat or drink some good and chilled things in very hot summer.

we have things according to choice and depends on where we are when we are in somewhere rustic place we would not ask for the things we cannot imagine they will have those.

So that is why we get things accordingly but when the things and us both are ready then we must try something very delicious and healthy to.

now you have to judge what should be in your plate before you go out for the food.  in my next blog i am going to tell you about the place you must visit if you love to eat.