Best Ways to Reduce Infant Mortality | Strategies To Reduce Infant Mortality Rate

Well there is no definite ways to prevent the many leading of the infant mortality. But still there are various ways available for reducing the risk for the baby. However, researchers are still continue to study the best ways to prevent and treat the causes of infant mortality and affect the contributors to infant mortality. There are ways available to help to reduce the risk. Here in this article we will discuss about Best Ways to Reduce Infant Mortality.

Best Ways to Reduce Infant Mortality:

Preventing Birth Defects:

However, in the current time the main reason of the cause of infant mortality in the United States is Birth defects. Moreover, there are various different kinds of the birth defects and it can be caused in any kind of the pregnancy. But there are few ways are available through which the pregnant women can simply reduce the certain risk of the birth defects. Such as getting enough folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects.

Addressing Preterm Birth, Low Birth Weight, and Their Outcomes:

However, currently there is no definitive way available in order to prevent the preterm birth. This is the second most cause of the infant mortality in the united states. There are many healthcare as well as researchers who are working to address the issue on multiple fronts. Moreover, they are also finding ways to improve health outcomes for infants who are born preterm. The infants who are preterm generally have low birth weights. There are chances that full-term infants are also born underweight. Causes can include a mother’s chronic health condition or poor nutrition.

Health providers are still trying to understand this situation. As the health challenges faced by infants born preterm or at a low birth weight as a way to develop treatments for these challenges. Treatments such as ventilators and steroids can help stabilize breathing to allow the lungs to develop more fully.

This, these are the few ways through which you can easily learn to reduce the infant mortality rate. As the above two reasons are the main cause of this.