Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2

By | December 9, 2018

An action of a subject in relation with the object is expressed in two ways. These two ways of expressing action of subject are known as Voices.

Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2 are the forms of a sentence, we can’t consider a sentence without considering them.

In Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2, Active Voice is considered when the subject performs the action stated by the verb, In this verb shows that

subject does an action. However, a passive verb results in the subject being acted upon, formed by the verb “to be” and the past participle form of the main

verb in the sentence, In this the form of verb shows that an action is done to the subject.

In Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2, Active Voice is the best way to speak and write in English. Active voice puts emphasis on the most important

part of the sentence, so it’s the clearest and most easy way to share information.

Present Indefinite Tense

Is/are/am + V 3rd

Past Indefinite Tense

Was/were + V 3rd

Future Indefinite Tense

Will/shall +be+ V 3rd

Present Continuous Tense

Is/are/am + Being + V 3rd

Past Continuous Tense

Was/were + being +V 3rd

Future Continuous Tense

Read Full Active Voice and Passive Voice Chart Below given link:

Voices- Introduction, Definition, Types, Rules, Examples | Active Voice & Passive


In Active voice, the subject is being active;

For Example:

  • The cat drank the milk.

Here, the cat is subject, Drank is verb and milk is object.

  • He touched my hand.

Here, He is Subject, Touched is verb and hand is object.

In Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2, We usually use Active voice to speak and write, but it’s opposite i.e.; Passive voice is equally important. You

may have heard that passive voice is ‘bad’, buy do you know why? The main reason behind it is that it changes the focus of a sentence by stating its meaning

in a less direct way.

Here, the subject is acted upon, so we can state that the subject is being ‘Passive’. It receives the action instead of doing it and “gets” the

verb from the object.

For Example:

  • The milk was drunk by the cat. (Passive voice)
  • My hand was touched by him. (Passive voice)

In Active And Passive Voice Activities Ks2, the interesting fact is that the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change in both of them; it’s the structure of

the sentence which changes. As we all know that every sentence has a subject, object and verb, Subject is an agent who works on the

object of the sentence.

To understand the difference between both the sentences, we must first understand the subject and object of the sentence. The meaning remains the same

in both the sentences but the sequence of words in a sentence changes.